Valuation Options

Protection for Your Household Furniture and Other Belongings.

You want to make sure your belongings are covered in the event of accident or loss while they are in our care. So, it’s important that you choose the right valuation option.

Full Value Protection (FVP) 
Kansas Van and Storage Criqui Corporation strongly recommends Full Value Protection for your household goods. Unless you tell us otherwise, we will choose Full Value Protection for you.  With this valuation option, We repair any items that are lost, damaged or destroyed — or replace them with items of like kind and quality. Or, you will get a cash settlement for the current market value of your items, regardless of their age.

The minimum declared value of a shipment for Full Value Protection is $10,000 or $6.00 multiplied by the total weight of the shipment in pounds, whichever is greater.

Minimal Protection 
This option offers only minimal protection at no additional cost. Claims for loss or damage are based on the item’s weight multiplied by 60 cents per pound. We do not recommend this valuation option and will not provide it unless you specifically request it.

Valuation Protection vs. Insurance   
Our valuation options are not insurance and are not governed by state insurance laws. Instead, they are authorized by the U.S. Department of Transportation (Released Rates Orders of Surface Transportation Board).
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