Special Items

Moving Special Items

Our Special-Item Service List Includes:

Car Transport
From your personal car transport, to managing the time-sensitive move of a complete fleet, we have done it all. Based on your unique requirements.

Whether you’re moving your bike to a new permanent address, or shipping it to a bike week,  Kansas Van and Storage Criqui Corporation has the experience to move your motor bike. We drain the fuel before loading the bike onto the truck using a ramp. We pad for protection, and temporarily remove any vulnerable protruding components (with your permission). We secure your bike with straps to prevent shifting during transport. 

We regularly help customers with boat transport. We can ship only the boat as a special service, or include it as part of a complete household move. We can advise you on the best options for safe, secure boat transport, including preparing your boat for shipping. Contact us today for a free quote on boat shipping.

Pianos and Organs
For uprights and vintage spinets, Kansas Van and Storage Criqui Corporation movers are trained in the proper handling and equipment. The appropriate dolly and pad wrapping is used to protect each instrument and delicate finishes. We make sure the floor is protected before we roll out or in. A padded piano moving board allows us to safely carry the piano case, including up and down stairways. Inside the trailer, we secure the piano with straps to minimize shifting. Call us for a free quote for any type of piano or organ move.

Pool Tables and Large Games
We can assess your pool or billiards table or other game room games, and know when to call in the experts. For pool tables, a proper move and packing requires detaching the frame, slate, pockets, felt, and table legs. Reassembly is only handled by the experts. We know where to begin to move the table, and can assist in finding the experts to reassemble the table at your new address. 

Playsets and Swing Sets
It’s not at all unusual for a child to be attached to today’s well-made playsets. We understand this attachment, and move swing sets or playsets from one home to another, using expert local crews for assembly and reassembly. We can provide your with a free quote to move your family’s playsets.
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