Corporate Relocation

Corporate Relocation Services 
for Businesses

If your company is hiring employees and relocating them or just moving employees to different locations in Kansas or across the United States, Kansas Van and Storage Criqui Corporation can be a partner in helping with this process. Free estimates! Relocation of employees anywhere in the United States or across the world. One point of contact to arrange third party services that your employee will need, and direct billing. Setting up a contract with Kansas Van and Storage Criqui Corporation and Atlas Van Lines locks in guaranteed rates and provides access to blacked out moving dates.  Kansas Van and Storage Criqui Corporation and Atlas are known as trusted and favored corporate relocation partners. 

Trusted by Employers 
Do you work in corporate relocation? We want to make your job easier. We take the stress out of moving for your employees, ensuring that they arrive at their new job on-time, satisfied and productive. And we do it in ways that fit comfortably with your relocation policy.

Preferred by Employees   
Are you moving for your work? You want to stay focused on career and family. But moving can be stressful and distracting. We will dial down the hassle to help you keep everything in balance as you relocate. Whether you or your employer is responsible for your move, we are here to assist.

Are you selecting your own mover?  Is your company providing a mover for you?
Start with Kansas Van and Storage Criqui Corporation.

All Over the World.  
Kansas Van and Storage Criqui Corporation and Atlas Van Lines has an entire company dedicated to international relocation. We help working families relocate safely and securely anywhere in the world. Our experts can answer any questions you may have about language, customs, currency, residency requirements, and tax issues. Find out more.
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